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Young woman attacked viciously by dogs

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Woman attacked by vicious dogs (Jacqueline Durand)

Dogsitting gone wrong

Local Newscast

Young woman attacked by dogs she was dog-sitting. Jacqueline Durand is a living miracle and wants to be seen as an example and not a miracle. I want for dog lovers to know they are animals. Lovely one week and killers the next. When she got home, first responders have her a champions’ welcome.

Jacqueline doesn’t want to be seen as a victim, but rather as an example.

Her body has over 800 bite scars in her body.

She has noticeably heal – considering the seriousness of the situation. I just felt so helpless at the hospital, I knew that being at home I was going to heal more here. Therapy is a full time job now. Her mouth is stretched one mm at a time so that she can eat more. There is a lot of hope in Jacqueline and her family. There is a place in her heart still to love dogs. She has been dog-sitting for 7 years and still dreams in working with animals. She dreams of dog training in the future. She has her senses now, she can walk, she can talk, she can smell, she can see … she is going to be fine, I think .

In addiction to the love from her family, there is her boyfriend Nathan who she has been dating for 3 years, he just recovered form Cancer. And when he was going to treatment, Jacqueline often drove him and stayed with him. Now he says: I’m so grateful that I get the opportunity to show the same level of love and care that she showed me during that time, I¡m glad that I get the chance to. I’m glad that I get to be there for her. She really is such an amazing young woman with so much strength.

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