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Home » Woman freaks out finding deer in her driveway

Woman freaks out finding deer in her driveway

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Viral video: Woman finds deer in driveway and charges her

What could go wrong?

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Most people across the many states in the Midwest and northern USA are so used to seeing deer around their homes. Here is one of those day-to-day encounters.

Ok Karen, enough!

This poor lady has been going viral thanks to this hilarious ring cam video where she is caught finding a lovely surprise at her driveway: a deer. The startled animal doesn’t know how to react as this woman’s little dog barks and approaches him, naturally fights back.. Then the woman freaks out and tries to slap him, the animal reacts naturally and gets her screaming loud.

And by screaming we mean non-stop screaming. I understand it’s a difficult situation, but calm down a little bit lady.

Her husband comes out after hearing these screams and the man fights the deer back then safely guarding their dogs inside the car.

Deer surprise at driveway, wife, husband and dogs

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