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White Lives Matter Kanye’s Shirts

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Kanye West's White Lives Matter sweaters fashion show

White Lives Matter Fashion

If there’s a man who loves controversy, of any kind, that’s Kanye West. Kanye is now trending again after some images have been circulating and going viral from his fashion show sporting a White Lives Matter long-sleeve shirt.

Candace Owens and Kanye West create an absolute shockwave in the leftist world today by wearing these shirts

Facebook Meme
Candace Owens and Kanye West wearing White Lives Matters shirts, meme

Kanyes WLM Shirts go viral

People from the black community have been reacting on Twitter, with divided opinions about Y

It’s been noted he has previously been seen wearing a jacket with a Confederate flag, and of course the famuos… or infamous Make America Great Again hats, the Trump MAGA hats.

For many is just fashion and constant attempts to grab attention, for others he is a lost cause.

Kanye West White Lives Matter

For more about this viral story check out the article at People’s magazine.

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