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Which packet of tea lasts more?

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Golden Cup Russian tea viral vid

Which packet of tea lasts for a longer amount of time?

Golden cup, Lipton or Greenfield?

Let’s start our experiment, and brew these cups of tea.

Here is the result. Of the single packets of “Golden Cup”.. Look “Lipton” is already losing its scent and Greenfield is already completely ruined. Not to mention that Golden Cup can brew an additional jar.. whereas these packets have already died.

I’ve decided to lengthen the chain – Just look at this, “Golden cup” just doesn’t end. It keeps on giving! “Golden cup” is simply something incredible!

I mean, just look at how much tea.

A single packet of Golden Cup can brew.. It’s simply amazing.

I’m going to be throwing a tea party, whoever wants to come, write me in the comments .. I’ll invite you

I’m running out of space in my home, look, it keeps brewing insane amounts of tea.. This is “Golden cup” entire bathtub full!

This city needs tea.. Why don’t we try this out?

Golden Cup for everyone, free of charge.

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