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What makes a video go viral?

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What makes something go viral?

Why videos go viral

Dao Nguyen

Going viral

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Last year, some BuzzFeed employees were scheeming to prank their boss.

çThey decided to put a family of baby goats in their office.

What makes a video go viral?

What the video was about?

We read over the 82,000 comments made on the video and we hypothesized that they were excited because they were for an instant part of the community.

We ddecided that we needed to test this hypotesis. What can we do to test the same thing?

Food videos are very popular.

We dressed two pelple in hasban suits

800,000 people watched the 698th rubberband explode the watermelon.

The question I get asked most frequently is: How do you make something go viral?

It’s not abnout the something, it’s about the people who are doing or watching, what are they thinkking?

What if instead of tagging what our videos are about we ask: How does it help the users.

We called it cultural cartography.

It formalized informal practice that we had for a long time, don’t just think of the subjetct matter.

Think of the job that it is doing for the reader.

Makes me laugh

Humor: Makes me laugh

There are so many ways to make anybody laugh.

This is me

“This is me” Identity. People are increasingly using media to relate and ocmmunicate. This is my culture, this is my fandom, this is my guilty pleasure and How I lauigh at myself.

Helps me connect. It’s amazing when you find a peice of media that helps you bond with someone.

Helps me

Many media companies and creators do put themselves in

Makes me feel

I need this.

They are increasingly using media to have a conversation and talk to each other.

If wr can be a part of establishing a deep connectiion between two people..

This is one of my favorite lists: 32 memes you should send to your sister immediately

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