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What is Liquid Death?

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What is Liquid Death? Is it just water?

Is it just water?

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Yes, Liquid Death is just water for those who want to “look cool” over paying for aesthetics.

Liquid Death is water. It’s great, it gets you drinking water, it’s important for survival. I never understood it for a while every time I looked at that can, Liquid Death is just water – That’s all it is. It’s expensive though, it’s in a can, it’s aesthetically pleasing, the graphics are good.

The target market for Liquid Death is for sober people who kinda feel like p*ssies now, after quitting drinking and drugs. My buddy Joe List loves it.

It is hard to wrap your mind around it because it’s just water, but it’s very popular it’s really crushing it. Because it looks cool, makes good merch.

Isn’t it like $3 dollars a can?

By the way, Liquid Death is worth 700 million dollars (Updated October 2022)

They are very smart they have sent all the podcasters Liquid Death cans for free advertising.

it’s like the Gatorade for podcasters. Everyone now is sober, nerd… we are all social media consultants and we are sober. We are working.

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