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Home » West Philly community reacts to Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars

West Philly community reacts to Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars

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Will Smith mural in Philly, people react

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock

Philadelphia is Will Smith’s home town and there was a lot of reactions to the controversy. Eyewitness News Reporter Matt Petrillo is at the Will Smith mural in West Philadelphia. You know , West Philadelphia means a lot to Will Smith. Will Smith means a lot to this community and really much to the city and that is why so many people tell you they have handled Oscar night differently.

Here at Sharp Skills Barbershop in West Philly, there was a lot of buzz about Will Smith’s reaction at the academy awards. I can’t say what’s going on with this man right now, you know? WHat’s going on in his life? What’s happening with him? It was a bad choice.

Despite his reaction some insist the King Richard star should still be able to keep the Oscar he won later that night for best actor. He earned his Oscar for acting

So he should keep his Oscar and he actually should be considered for another Oscar… says one man in Philly.

“It was uncalled for”, former Philadelphia district attorney Seth Williams knew Smith in High School in the mid 80s before he became nationally known as the Fresh Prince.

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