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Tim Dillon’s ad on local Boston TV

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The Tim Dillno Show Boston local TV ad

Tim Dillon standup

Tim Dillon standup live in Boston.

Hilarious advertisement for The Tim Dillon Show runs on local TV in Boston.

Tim Dillon is one of the best comedians at the time. His ironic rants of truth are so absurd, they resonate with us all. Recently started running ads on local Boston Television to promote his comedy show at Wilbur Theater on March 5 using images from the Ukranian invasion by Russia.

People think this ad we are running on local Boston TV is bad

Subscribe to Tim Dillon on Youtube.

Tim Dillon Youtube’s channel currently has 425,000 subscribers and growing.

The Tim Dillon Show: Many Youtube clips from The Tim Dillon’s podcast has gone viral recently on Youtube and social media.

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