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These are the Hong Kong coffin homes

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Hong Kong coffin homes gone viral

Hong Kong’s residents living in ‘coffin’ homes

Sky News

Beneath the glitter and glamour of Hong kong, the staggering inequality shows.

and a crippling housing crisis. There’s be months of turmoil and demands fro democracy. The authorities are blaming the unrest in one of their most dirty secretes, the scandal of the coffin home dwellers. Many of them are deeply ashamed of their circumstances and have asked not to be identified.

Hong Kong coffin houses

They are part of Hong-Kongers leaving below the poverty line.

All of these are homes .. top and bottom, they can just about fit one narrow single mattress. Take a look inside one of them, it’s not even 2 square meters, a home that will cost .. this is the dark underbelly of Hong Kong, and understandably is difficult. There are an estimated 200,000 people living like this in Hong Kong. – They don’t think the situation now we can have it she’s executive to represent us so they think the universal suffarage its’s fundamental for Hong kong to solve different social problems. This man has. been waiting for social housing for 10 years and lived in this box for 3

The city’s poor as mostly voiceless and vulnerable.

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Cuffin Homes in Hong Kong – This is how residents live

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