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Piers Morgan interviews Kanye West

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Piers Morgan interviews Kanye West

Viral controversial interview

It’s hard to influence patriotism on capitalist. It’s our responsibility for us as Americans to retake our power in media, to retake our powers at schools, at farms, in hospitals, to revitalized this country. America invented Rock & Roll, America created Apple, we created the platforms the world relies on.

Americans are God-fearing Christian people and we are not sheep, and we can’t be sold for cheap.

Where are things now with your family? What is your relationship now with Kim? With your kids?

Kim has zionist media handlers surrounding her all in and out her Hulu TV show, all in and out her family and the house that I’ve created for my family. Kim is a Christian woman and she is not here just to have adult content or magazine covers.

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, is a global superstar boasting multi-platinum records as a recording artist and producer and also a multi-billionaire who owns the fashion label Yeezy. Ye however was recently removed from social media platforms after he sent a tweet that was deemed anti-Semitic. Piers Morgan Uncensored invited Ye for a two-hour interview to discuss his inflammatory statement and ask if he’s sorry for the offence he caused. In this exclusive, Piers Morgan asks Ye about his comments on the Jewish community, the death of George Floyd, his marriage with Kim Kardashian, the relationship he has with their children. Subscribe to stay up-to-date on all Uncensored content.

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Who is writing this stuff? God is funny. We gotta be funny and have a sense of humor…

Piers: Let me ask you, Are you sad the relationship came to an end? Are you sad that you are no longer together? That you are divorced?

Kanye: We will always be together. She dresses exactly like me, my kids are like me.

You got the Clinton’s on the left to utilize her and influence black culture on next elections, as they push trauma culture to the black people again, they question my comments, pushing Kim into a millionaire mother of four jew-black children to do covers like interview and that’s whet they’ve been doing in the hoods, they take the leaders out of their homes.

So many branded commercials to confuse children way too early before they can make decisions about their life…

Are you divorced or not?

I ask god the same question every morning. Am I divorced God?

Who is our audience, for us as Christians? We have an audience of one.

You mean, God.

Picture the most influential woman on the planet, who is Kim Kardashian, performing in public only for that audience of one, who is God. Imagine the positive effect on the planet. And it will happen some day, mark my words.

Do you still love Kim?

I absolutely love her for life. Oddly enough, I will actually protect her.

Piers Morgan interviews Kanye West

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