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Make $50 dlls per day with Adsense

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Making over $50 dlls per day with Google Adsense

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Make over $50 dlls per day with Google Adsense

If you are watching this video, you most likely already know what Google Adsense is about.

here is some explanation to stay all in context.

With Google Adsense you simply publish sites on your website, and when someone simply clicks the ad, or sees the ad, you will earn money.

Make over $50 dlls per day with Google Adsense

Undersstanding basica Google Adsense metrics.


What does CPC means?

It simply means Cost per Click. How much you are making when someone clicks on the ads.

How much is the average cost of one click in your account.

How does the system works?

Why is Google paying you?

We are teh publishers, we are the website owneres. We have also advertisers and we have Google in between.

Advertisers tell Google.. “please advertise our ad”, we will pay you $100 dlls and you place them where they belong. Advertisers publish teh ad on Google and Google publishes the ad on your website.

Understanding different types of websites that you can monetize with Adsense, that Google itself reccomends.

Three types of websites that generate high value revenue from Adsense:

Blog site

A blog site is a website where you publish articles to. A blog site usually keeps updated regularly with new content.

Forum site


Tool site

A free online tool site can be just a simple site offering a service to solve people’s needs.

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