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Kanye “Ye” West talks to Lex Friedman

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Lex Fridman talks to Kanye West

Kane West’s Best Interview

Viral Kanye West Interviews

The Lex Friedman interview with Kanye West has gone viral. It is the latest interview that Kanye West has done, after the controversial one with Piers Morgan, and he finds himself way more comfortable on this one.

Perhaps a new friendship has been formed.

Kanye West now known as Ye exchanges thoughts with Lex for the Lex Fridman Podacst Episode #332

That’s why I love and respect engineers, that’s the only thing that we only need to teach at schools: engineering, and everything else needs to be recess.

As an engineer I love hearing you say that but to push back, history has some facts that are useful to do grounding.

History was just written by the victors. I see stuff happen on the day that later that day is reported wrong. So how wrong is something reported 100s of years from now.

The biggest mistake from the past that we keep making is looking at the past.

We are now we are here, we are one species, we are one race.

The leadership is changing, we are the top leaders, Elon, Ye, more influential than the Presidents.

You are a human being with engineering challenges, and I consider challenges to be opportunities, in front of you.

  • Kanye proceeds to write down this quote/sentence.

You are a being with engineering opportunities before you

Kanye West

I am sorry I don’t spell as good as John Legend

If I was to say I’m the top 5 writer in human existence, this right here is pushing me in number 4, number 3.

Top writer in human history who would you say that would be?

That’s subjective.

Ok, who is the top person in tech history? It’s not subjective. There is a non-subjective answer to both of those.

Both of those people have influenced 30% of our existence.

Lex Friedman talks to Kanye West (Ye)

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