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He could stop a show for a shoe but bot for people

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This is a truly heartbreaking video of family members of one of the victims on the Astroworld tragedy.

Danish Baig’s family speak to reporters during funeral

You go to a concert to have fun, you don’t go to a concert to die. He can stop the concert for a shoe but he can’t stop the show for people?

We are grieeving with you. Whatever you guys need, we are here.

Danish Baig, 27, was among the eight victims who died at the Astroworld Festival in Houston.

My brotehr was trying to saver her, and he did he saved her, and it costed him his life.

Everybody associated with this should be held accountable for te lives lost today.

My brother died saving his fiancee, he died trying to save the love of his life. We are all in pain, please pray for our family. We all want you to pray for all the people who lost their kids.

We just want you to know we are here and we are going to stay here. We are going to get justice for them.

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