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Guy uses robot to write out Shrek

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Writing Shrek's full movie text with a robot and freming it

I used a robot to write out all of the movie Shrek

Quite a process to do this..

I got a robot to write out the entire movie Shrek. I just start off by watching the whole movie and writing down everything that’s been said. I then laid out a big pieace of paper on a CNC machine, which is made for cutting wood and cabinets. Maybe I could shove a pen I said., so I 3D printed this pen holder. Where the pen movied was controlled by a program not a human. At the end of day 1 it waws like 1: 30, came back the next day, resumed the program. On day 3 I realized there were this bubbles on teh paper, so I put in a bunch of weights.

Instead of buying a new pen I decided to fill it with ink myself, then it was working .So I started to build the frame. I cut them to length tyable saw and made a big frame. I glued the fram together, moved o ver the whole pieces of paper and stapled it .

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