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Home » Fake space and flat earth conspiracies (JRE Podcast)

Fake space and flat earth conspiracies (JRE Podcast)

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Eddie Bravo talks fake space and flat earth tehories at The Joe Rogan Experience

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Is space fake? Eddie Bravo explains at The Joe Rogan Experience.

One you go flat you never go back

Eddie Bravo and company at the JRE Podcast, controversial topic in the past years… flat earth theories have emerged, praised, mocked and been debunked in many ways – Yet many people strongly live by these theories.

Fake space and flat earth conspiracies with Eddie Bravo at The Joe Rogan Experience.

Is the Earth flat?

I want one example Eddie on why should we believe the Earth is flat.

Convince me that it’s flat. That the Earth is flat.

There’s no way I can do that man, it takes about a year and a half.

It¡s very hard, indoctrination is so strong.

You look at your son’s cartoons, is all space. I look at all that sht, all the things my son likes is all space, space..

#SpaceIsFake is something I’m investigating for my last hour, says Joe Rogan.

Anybody that thinks the Earth is flat they totally don’t believe what we are thought about that’s above us.

Is not that it doesn’t exist.

The alien attack conspiracy

They want us to believe in UFOs, they are preparing us for a fake alien invasion.

Ronan Reagan talked about it all the time. What lies before us is the opportunity to forge a New World ORder, a world, an order..

Do you think that means that Space is fake?

Wouldn’t it make our lives wasier if we had some kind of extraterrestrial threat?

It’s always been about a fake alien attack. You can’t have an alien attack without space. You know who promoted Space more than anyone? The Vatican. They have all the astronomers.

The Vatican has the most powerful telescope. The name of it is Lucifer.

I thought I was better than people and sht, cause I knew so much about space. And every now I would watch that again, and wonder… This is all cartoons. And then I go, oh ok, whatever whatever.. and I keep watching. All DVDs on space are just CGI, there is nothing real.

And everyone watches that, they believe it, the narration is a programming..

What’s above us and what we are on, we are being lied to. Once you go flat you never go back.

We’re gullible. We believe some weird sht about the flat earth, you don’t believe it? You’re smart.

It’s not about that. Based on all this sht that we got by the mainstream, we don’t believe that, you believe that.

We actually don’t know what wer’e on.

So suddenly we believe something crazy and you don’t, because you smell the bllst.

We – flat earthers -look at it totally different.

You believe in the microphone and phone don¡t you?

You benefit from science every day.

I love science.

I’m an idtiot , I believe in flat Earth, i’m crazy, that’s all you need to know.

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