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Creepy Florida Highway Patrolmen asks For a “Happy Ending” from Massage Therapist

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Creepy police stop

Perfect, so when can I get a massage? Are you talking about the spa? Do I have to come to the spa? Why? Because that’s where I work. Are you trying to set me up? No, actually Im not. Im more comfortable working there. No Im not setting you up . Im not one of those. Are you insinuating to do something else? I don’t do that. Im not saying you do that. Ok then why are you asking? Which one do you work at? The wone that I work at it’s called Essential

They probably do that in down there, don’t they? Dont they do it at South Tampa there? Teh sketchy ones. Polive officers need the sketchy ones too. How long have you been doing it though? Almost 3 years. See but , if I go to yours now, you are not going to give the one to massage me. But I think you are pretty though. Oh thahnk you, doesn’t mean I want to do stuff. I don’t even know what to sayk that seems to be normal for s ome guys so Im not surprised.

I just want you though

The noromal ones? Professional. Strictly professional. Im. just giving you a hard time, I only go to the professional. Those are the ones I got to. They are trying to crack down on teh other ones. The sketchy ohens.

On October 7, 2020, Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Timmy Williams conducted a traffic stop for speeding on Fletcher Avenue and Dale Mabry Highway in Hillsborough County, Florida. Trooper Williams removed his body microphone during the stop. When Trooper Williams asked the Asian female motorist why she was speeding, she replied, in part, that she had just left a job interview at a spa.

Trooper Williams told the woman that was pretty several times, and inquired as to whether she gave ‘other’ types of massages. The ‘private’ type. The woman found Trooper Williams’ comments to be inappropriate and sexually suggestive; she was uncomfortable with the situation. That is why, when Williams briefly left her alone to answer another motorist’s request for directions, she began recording their conversation with her cell phone. The woman made it clear that she did not give “sketchy” massages, and that Trooper Williams would need to go elsewhere for them. Trooper Williams took that as an opportunity to clarify: those were the type of massages he wanted. Trooper Williams told the woman that he had experienced both ‘types’ of massages before. He wanted to know what types of massages she had given. This was on a traffic stop for speeding. The woman insisted that she only gave normal massages. Undeterred, Williams told the woman that police officers need the “other” (“sketchy”) types of massages, just like anyone else. The woman told Trooper Williams where she worked, and that he could come get a normal massage, but Trooper Williams wasn’t going to get distracted that easily: cool story, lady, but he wanted a private massage.

Some acronyms: HSMV is Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. FHP is the Florida Highway Patrol, which is a division of HSMV. HSMV has an Office of Inspector General, or OIG. HSMV OIG Inspector Frank Troffo shines in this video. The video presents otherwise-silent in-car camera footage from the subject traffic stop, along with audio of Inspector Troffo’s interview of Timmy Williams, who has an unusual definition of “deescalation.” As you listen to Frank Troffo’s interview of Timmy Williams, it is worth noting that Florida’s version of the law enforcement officer’s bill of rights provides every police officer in the state with the right to receive a copy of all of the evidence against them prior to being questioned in an administrative investigation. There is no surprising a police officer with contrary evidence during an interview. It’s against the law. So what does that mean? It means Timmy Williams had already heard the driver’s audio recordings. He had copies of the complaints. This is the guy prepared. Timmy Williams was fired. He appealed his termination to another acronym: PERC, Florida’s Public Employees Relations Commission. The Commission order affirming Williams’ termination is at the end of this video. This story has never been reported elsewhere.

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