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5 Spooky Halloween foods

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Creepy meatlof feet Creepy Feetloaf

VIral Halloween Food

Halloween is around the corner, and with it comes lots of Halloween-themed food and snacks, always make it for amore fun party and get-together, where everyone is dressed up in costume.

Here is a compilation of five different fun and spooky Halloween-themed foods and snacks you can make at home:

Spooky meatlof feet. Feetloaf?

It’s a gross-looking non-appetizing par of meatlof feet, but hey! – Makes for a great Halloween aesthetic food decoration.

Beetlejuice ice cream flavor

At this person’s ice-cream shop they came out with a new flavor for Halloween – Beetlejuice Ice Cream flavor ice cream. What’s in it? Yes, it’s difficult to understand what you are looking at, but it’s a mix of:


  • Vanilla malt ice cream with fudge
  • Green butter cake
  • Zagnut bars

Zombie Meatloaf

Zombie Halloween Meatloaf

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